Real-Wood Veneers

Contact Industries offers veneer profile wrapping and flat lamination using any of more than 200 wood species. With that sort of choice, we thought it would be best to provide a place on our website where you can see photographs of many of the most popular species so that you might better imagine how they’ll look when specified for your next project or product.

Hard Maple
hard maple

  • Consistently in high demand, with a specific increase from cabinet manufacturers
  • Unlike most species, maple veneer is sought for its sapwood
  • Color ranges from nearly white to an off-white, cream color
  • Sometimes exhibits a reddish or golden hue
  • Has a fine, uniform texture with a small pore structure
  • Sourced from the northeastern United States
  • Available in both flat cut and quarter cut
  • Can be ordered with FSC® credentials
  • Our hard maple veneer typically falls in a range of light to dark color. Images of the range you might expect are included below.

Hard Maple Veneer: Color Range





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