Quintiles Pharmaceuticals turned to Gensler–the global architecture, design, planning and consulting firm with 3000 design professionals in 41 locations—to make their dream of a LEED-certified world headquarters a reality. Gensler turned to Contact Industries, who teamed with North Carolina-based Wurth Group and Cleora-Sterling, to engineer a sustainable, affordable alternative for the solid afromosia beams and T&G paneling that were called out in the original design.

The solution was engineered Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) beams and fingerjointed paneling wrapped with FSC®-certified thin afromosia veneer. Installed, the products are indistinguishable from their solid wood counterparts and they contributed to both the sustainability and the budget goals of the project.

The resulting $51 million, 252,000 square foot complex is something everyone—sustainable building advocates, building designers, and bean counters—can be proud of.



CLIENT: Wurth Group and Cleora Sterling

DETAILS: Quintiles Transnational Corp. World Headquarters. 252,000 sf, 9-story LEED-Silver office building. $51 million construction cost.

PRODUCT: Veneer profile wrapped beams and wall paneling: 16,544 linear feet of FSC-certified 1×6 Afromosia-veneered T&G paneling;
FSC-certified LVL-core beams with Afromosia veneers, edge bands and end caps: 44 pieces 2x9x192”; 39 pieces 2x9x127.5”; 8 pieces 1x4x96”; 8 pieces 2x4x96”.

CONSTRUCTION: Fingerjointed softwood and laminated veneer lumber cores with FSC-certified Afromosia veneer

FINISH: factory-applied UV cured, no VOC topcoat

ADHESIVE: Type 1 Hot Melt


END USE: Exposed beams and wall paneling

CORE: Fingerjointed softwood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

FACE VENEER: FSC-certified Afromosia

FSC® COC Certification (FSC-C022452)

As one united company, Endura Products and Contact Industries will be operating under the name of Endura Products, Inc. as of July 16, 2019.Learn More



At the end of 2016, Endura Products and Contact Industries joined forces with Endura’s acquisition of Contact. We’ve since been working together to deliver stronger product solutions addressing the unique needs of our valued customers.


To reflect this partnership and our position as one united organization, both companies will be operating under the name of Endura Products, Inc. as of July 16, 2019!