When clear solid khaya (African mahogany) mouldings and trim proved to be hard to find in long lengths, this Hawaiian developer tasked its supplier to find an alternative. Distributor Honsador Lumber turned to Contact Industries and Contact got to work producing 70,000 lineal feet of prefinished, ready-to-install, profile wrapped mouldings, jambs, casing and trim in five different profiles. In all, eight shipments made their way to the Big Island and not a speck of style was compromised.


CLIENT: Maryl Pacific Construction

DETAILS: Wai’ ula’ ula’ at Mauna Kea Resort; 102 condominiums on 47 beachfront acres; estates, restaurants, hotels, spas, and fitness centers; Five prefinished moulding and jamb profiles; Eight timed cargo shipments.

PRODUCT: 70,000 lineal feet of prefinished, clear, profile wrapped khaya (African mahogany) moulding and trim in five profiles

CONSTRUCTION: Khaya veneer profile-wrapped to fingerjointed softwood core lumber

FINISH: Factory-applied stain and top coat

ADHESIVE: Type 1 Hot Melt


END USE: Interior mouldings, jambs, casing and trim

CORE: Fingerjointed pine

FACE VENEER: Khaya (African mahogany)