Former aerospace engineer Daryl Maus studied artistic and architectural masters including Frank Lloyd Wright before designing this home to be as majestic as the 700 acres that surround it. He said he wanted to “put art back into architecture” and we believe he succeeded with his 15,000 square foot masterpiece at Heaven Bent Ranch. Fifty-two granite-based columns hold up 28-foot ceilings. Carpenters spent over 10,000 hours installing thousands of feet of woodwork, including 20,000 feet of clear, cherry-wrapped cabinet grade mouldings from Contact Industries. The result? A home as heavenly as its namesake implies.



CLIENT: Daryl Maus, designer and builder

DETAILS: Heaven Bent Ranch; 15,000 sf of floor space; 575-sf indoor/outdoor pool; 28-foot ceilings; $6,000,000 asking price (year: 2000)

PRODUCT: 20,000 feet of clear, cabinet grade cherry moulding in a variety of profiles

CONSTRUCTION: Cherry veneer profile-wrapped to fingerjointed softwood core lumber

FINISH: Site-finished

ADHESIVE: Type 1 Hot Melt

TEST PROCEDURES: Boil test, vacuum pressure test

END USE: Interior mouldings and trim

CORE: Fingerjointed pine


As one united company, Endura Products and Contact Industries will be operating under the name of Endura Products, Inc. as of July 16, 2019.Learn More



At the end of 2016, Endura Products and Contact Industries joined forces with Endura’s acquisition of Contact. We’ve since been working together to deliver stronger product solutions addressing the unique needs of our valued customers.


To reflect this partnership and our position as one united organization, both companies will be operating under the name of Endura Products, Inc. as of July 16, 2019!