At Contact Industries we pride ourselves in providing solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Services include collaborative product development whereby our veneer and adhesive technology experts work with building designers, product designers and others to engineer economic, resource-efficient solutions for specific product applications. A large number of the products and capabilities we currently offer are the result of this collaborative process.

Additionally, Contact offers custom packaging and just-in-time delivery for OEM customers.

A good example of the type of customized packaging services we offer is a recent hotel project where cut-to-size moulding products were packaged by room number, with pallets organized by floor. This allowed installers to open boxes and install materials with minimal cutting or splicing, significantly reducing installation time and product waste.

As one united company, Endura Products and Contact Industries will be operating under the name of Endura Products, Inc. as of July 16, 2019.Learn More



At the end of 2016, Endura Products and Contact Industries joined forces with Endura’s acquisition of Contact. We’ve since been working together to deliver stronger product solutions addressing the unique needs of our valued customers.


To reflect this partnership and our position as one united organization, both companies will be operating under the name of Endura Products, Inc. as of July 16, 2019!