Looking for a new line of innovative products that will benefit your customer base while also addressing some of your own stocking headaches? Add Contact Industries veneered mouldings and millwork to your product offerings.

Our moulding products are available in a wide range of crown, base, stair rail, casing, picture mould, and paneling profiles, including custom profiles for stocking programs. We also offer a full range of door frame options, including standard frames, as well as fire-rated (20-90 minute) wood frames. All products and profiles are available in a wide range of veneer species, including maple, cherry, oak, pine, fir, mahogany and dozens more.

Veneer profile wrapped mouldings are delivered in consistent long lengths (specify lengths up to 16 feet) of clear hardwood or softwood. Your customers will love the ease of installation and significant reductions in waste allowances. You will love the ability to order mixed species loads, our lead-time management systems and not having to deal with piles of shorts, splits and off-grade pieces.

All products are available prefinished or unfinished, with mixed load orders easily accommodated.

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