At Contact Industries we understand our supporting role and believe we can complement your organization’s in-house manufacturing capabilities.

We know there are projects you can handle without our help, and there may be others where our products and capabilities can enhance your own abilities, allowing you to compete for, and win, a wider array of jobs you might not otherwise quote.

Winning jobs has as much to do with managing costs as it does maintaining top quality workmanship. We’re here to help on both fronts:

  • Our ability to profile wrap any species of real wood veneer over an array of substrates means you can expand the species options you offer
  • Long lengths (16-foot) of clear wood and cut-to-size capabilities will lower your installation costs and keep waste allowances to a minimum
  • Substrate engineering to meet performance requirements including fire ratings, lighter weights and dimensional stability, allow you to offer woodworking solutions where solid wood might not normally work
  • Factory finishing options that can simplify your installations

Have a look around and give us a call to see how what we do can make you better at what you do.