Our primary business is profile wrapping and flat lamination, processes used to make moulding and millwork components once exclusively produced with the use of solid lumber.

We use these material and manufacturing processes to produce a wide range of components used in commercial and residential building, including:

  • Components for a wide range of OEM products including windows and doors, cabinets, institutional and residential furniture, picture frames, stair parts, and ceiling systems
  • Moulding and millwork
  • Door frames, both fire-rated and non fire-rated
  • Veneered wood ceilings and wall paneling
  • Specialty millwork such as column surrounds, posts, beams, soffits, window treatments, and much more

We produce raw veneer for client use and we offer factory pre-finishing (UV, water-based and solvent) with (and without) Class A certification, as well as specialized packaging, custom shipping arrangements and inventory options.