Resource conservation and efficiency is a joint responsibility that starts with smart design and a shared commitment to wood resources.

High quality real wood veneer moulding, millwork and components provide all the warmth and natural beauty you expect of solid wood, but with as much as 50 times less impact and pressure on clear wood resources. That means profile-wrapped and flat laminated products from Contact Industries can provide the results you require while assisting your efforts in extending resources.

But only if you specify their use.

We feel strongly that you, our customer– the architect, designer, woodworker, OEM, and specifier—and we, the manufacturer, have a mutual responsibility to properly and wisely utilize the available solid wood resource.

Contact Industries has invested heavily in manufacturing technology designed to perfect the veneer and adhesive processes required for flat lamination and profile wrapping. As a result, in most instances, our products, by their very nature, are the most resource-efficient options available for the applications in which they are intended. The veneer profile wrapping process allows us to extend lumber resources up to 50 times by slicing veneers from solid pieces of wood that might otherwise be used to produce only a single piece of wood moulding.

In addition to the sustainability benefits inherent in the use of veneer, we attempt to be resource-efficient in other ways, as well:

  • More than 95% of all the wood that enters our facility is manufactured into a useable product.
  • We recycle nearly 100% of the by products that result from our manufacturing processes.
  • Veneers and other wrap materials are applied using No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) adhesives.
  • After undergoing an energy audit with the Energy Trust of Oregon, we recently invested in energy efficiency measures that have resulted in significant energy use reductions at our manufacturing facility in Prineville, Oregon.

Contact Industries is very proud to have been awarded Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Chain-of-Custody certification after completing an extensive accreditation process, allowing our products to qualify for a range of credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification program. You’ll find a link to view our FSC Chain of Custody certificate on the Specs & Certification Docs link in the navigation bar.

The resource efficiency story is detailed in our online Continuing Education course for design professionals. We invite all of our customers to review it by clicking here.


FSC® COC Certification (FSC-C022452)

As one united company, Endura Products and Contact Industries will be operating under the name of Endura Products, Inc. as of July 16, 2019.Learn More



At the end of 2016, Endura Products and Contact Industries joined forces with Endura’s acquisition of Contact. We’ve since been working together to deliver stronger product solutions addressing the unique needs of our valued customers.


To reflect this partnership and our position as one united organization, both companies will be operating under the name of Endura Products, Inc. as of July 16, 2019!