How Are You Cutting Costs?

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With the cost of window and door components on the rise, how are you cutting costs?

In a recent article published by Door and Window Market Magazine “nearly every major material used in the production of doors and windows rose in price in March 2018 according to the Producer Price Index (PPI).” The PPI reports, prices for wood window units jumped 3.5%, for a total increase of 5.6% since March 2017. Naturally, many businesses are taking proactive measures to review costs with a fine-tooth comb to make-up for such increases as much as possible. Areas under consideration focus heavily on more obvious, studied and known factors – unnecessary expenses, software applications, etc. But what about material costs?

As we discussed in last month’s post, specialty hardwoods always come with added costs. Whether it’s the cost of the wood itself, the amount you’re required to purchase per order, or the amount of waste you’re left with after machining to your specifications, it’s all costing you and totally avoidable. How?

That’s where Contact Industries factors into the equation. 

Profile Wrapping is our core expertise, and by utilizing this process we’re able to use an engineered wood core that’s easier to source and laminate a higher-grade face to the surface, while offering the superior physical properties of engineered lumber, MDF, Metal, Fiberglass or Vinyl.

The Result? Whether it’s veneer, decorative films or laminates, you get the appearance of the specialty surface you want, without the hassle, time and extra costs previously required to source the look you need.

With the cost of materials continuing to increase, we’re here to help you make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible to protect your bottom line while easily scaling your capacity. Taking advantage of Profile Wrapping is one way to accomplish this, cutting costs while increasing efficiency, throughput and yields. 

Connect with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you cut cost today, tomorrow, and in the future.