Maximizing Capabilities by Minimizing Waste

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Making More with Less

Maximizing Capabilities by Minimizing Waste

By Contact Industries

At Contact Industries, we’re proud to serve our customers as a leading provider of door frame, trim, mouldings, and stile & rail door components, window, cabinetry, commercial interiors, and architectural millwork sectors.

If you’ve partnered with us before, you know that Contact delivers precision engineered components, and adds value to our partners by helping them maximize efficiencies and deliver more with less. A big part of how we accomplish this is through decreasing costs by dramatically reducing waste via our innovative profile-wrapping and lamination processes. 

The Hidden Waste Factor
Let’s say you have a project for which you want to deliver the look of a specialty wood. Your process would likely include the following steps:

1. Sourcing – you need to get physical material in hand and it needs to be a specific grade if you have any hope of delivering a seamless final appearance.
2. Pricing – you will have to make multiple calls to find material in the dimensions you need with the aesthetic look you want. Likely, you will have to buy more than you need to account for the ever-dwindling yields of high grade decorative lumber products. 
3. Machining & Assembly – you have your material, but now you must machine and assemble individual pieces to meet specifications by removing defects. Everything moulded, trimmed, or chopped is money out the door while costs are incurred each time a member of your team touches the material.
4.  Waste – machining and removing flaws means scrapping material. It also requires resources to do the scrapping and machining to get your final product. Remember, everything has a cost – including the wood now sitting in the scrap pile. 

Boosting Yields
This is where Contact Industries’ profile-wrapping solutions come into play. Here’s the same process again, but with Contact as your partner:

1. Sourcing – we’re able to use an engineered wood core that has more readily available resources, and laminate a higher grade face to the surface. Higher grade veneers are more abundant – so they are easier to source in the exact specs you desire. 
2. Pricing – we can’t get you out of paying for needed materials, but we’re paying for readily-available, more affordable wood and you’re not paying freight charges to ship waste from your supplier. 
3. Machining & Assembly – we machine to your exact specifications prior to delivery. This frees up space in your facility, reduces the amount of WIP inventory you carry, and eliminates the need for as many “touches” from your manufacturing team which boosts capacity for you at other machine centers. 
4. No Waste – we deliver a ready-to-assemble product that requires little to no extra machining and minimizes the resources required to get the final product out of the door. And we do so while still delivering the beautiful appearance of the specialty product you need to deliver the flawless final product your customer expects. 

Savings Beyond Material
On the surface, our process helps reduce physical waste and associated costs. But under the surface, waste reduction goes much deeper to . help you; reducing scrap material also means cutting the labor, time, space, and machining, or finishing steps required that develop waste in the first place. 

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