One-Stop Door Frame Solutions from Contact Industries

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At Contact Industries, our wide range of interior and exterior door frames are designed to fit most any door style and budget. These frames offer trouble-free installation with features including machining for hinge and strike, pre-drilled sill holes, weather strip and corner seals, and end-sealing to prevent moisture wicking.

Our fire-rated door frames allow our customers to comply with the strictest of fire ratings without compromising aesthetics. Additionally, our innovative technologies can produce complete door frame solutions, providing a fully machined program using substrates such as metal, hardwood, softwood, and composite materials.

one-stop door frame solutions

But our door frame solutions don’t end there. Our unique manufacturing capabilities and processes allow us to offer a full suite of door components. All casing, base and trim can be wrapped to seamlessly match the frame providing consistency, seamless coordination, and ease of installation.

The unique design of our composite door frames incorporates intumescent material directly into the frame itself, offering significant cost savings while maintaining the wall system’s ability to achieve the necessary fire rating. Frames are available in single- or double-rabbet for single and double openings, as well as communicator frames.

Contact us today to learn how our door frame solutions can give you tremendous project and design freedom without compromising on stringent building requirements.