Benefits of Wrapped Products in Cabinetry

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Long Clear Custom Lengths for Production Optimization.

Engineered All-Wood Substrate offering enhanced stability.

Consistent Stainability of Veneer eliminating the blotchy issues prevalent in Hardwood Lumber, and offering a look consistent with Hardwood Plywood Veneered Panels.

Price Savings on the cost of materials while increasing visual aesthetics and physical performance.

If any (or all) of these are important to your business, then you need to consider veneer wrapped lumber in the design of your next cabinetry line.

We’ve seen a number of changing trends in the Cabinetry and Millwork industries over the past few years. One of the most common supply issues we hear from our customers is the increasing demand for premium woods, while the resource trends towards a tightening of availability and increased sorting costs. Inbound material loss through the production cycle can be as high as 40%-50%.

At Contact Industries, we have long stated that finger-jointed wood tends to stay straighter than solids because the length is broken down into smaller pieces of wood, and as a result the chances of a long, steadily-bowed piece is significantly less with a finger-jointed component than a solid component. Combine that with virtually 100% useable material aesthetically, and you have a value proposition that has led to exciting growth in these business segments.

Wrapped millwork gives you a better look, easily-accessible dimensions for increased yields and throughput, and decreased purchase price, while still maintaining the properties of solid wood. Combine this with the fact that we wrap this finger-jointed substrate with real wood veneer, and you have a product that outperforms nature while still offering an all-wood construction. Additionally, we are able to produce materials to a specified veneer grade that better matches panels and meets FSC® or NAF requirements.

Among the benefits offered by out materials:

  • Engineered finger-jointed product comes in custom widths and lengths with superior performance. Pick the size that works best for your production.
  • Our veneer stains and finishes easier and more consistently than solids offering material that requires minimal preparation without the struggles of blotchy finishes found in solids.
  • All Contact Industries wrapped products must pass a 4-Hour Boil Test prior to shipping as part of an ISO process that ensures a guaranteed bond made possible by proprietary adhesives.

We also hold Chain of Custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council®, and are ISO 9001:2008 certified, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards for quality control.

Contact us to learn more about our veneer profile wrapping capabilities.