FIRE-RESISTANT. The door frame's hidden intumescent material seals the frame to the door panel & the frame to the wall stud in the event of a fire.


PRECISION WRAPPED SURFACES. Profile-wrapped veneering has forever changed what real wood can accomplish in architecture.


BEAUTIFUL SURFACES AND EASY INSTALLATION. LockStep composite paneling makes installation a snap with its tongue and groove substrate.

What We Do

Contact Industries produces innovative, sustainable, decorative products.

For more than two decades, Contact Industries has been helping manufacturers in a wide range of industries become more competitive by providing innovative solutions.
Our moulding products are available in a wide range of crown, base, stair rail, casing, picture mould, and paneling profiles, including custom profiles for stocking programs.
Here at Contact Industries we enjoy working with architects and designers to turn conceptual designs and ideas into real product applications.
At Contact Industries we understand our supporting role and believe we can complement your organization’s in-house manufacturing capabilities.